Nine Years Theatre is back to present a charming new play this October

Those who’ve watched Nine Years Theatre’s First Fleet and Lear Is Dead will know that the crew puts on captivating performances every time they step on stage. The plays are filled with dedication, drama, and most importantly, emotions that tug at our heartstrings. Those who haven’t, however, can do so with NYT’s latest work Electrify My World.

A production done in collaboration with the Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre (SCCC), Electrify My World presents a compelling story about one man’s ambition and aspiration against another’s—adapted from the controversial feud between two renowned scientists, Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla, in achieving their scientific goals. In this play, the duo will not only compete to invent the best lighting system, but also to light up the entire city of New York. That’s not all, though. What is keeping us on our toes is the fact that both scientists will meet two other characters who will change their course of adventure. Did we mention the characters are in fact a figment of the scientists’ imagination?

Putting NYT’s storytelling abilities aside, the local theatre company as always incorporates philosophy and subtle meanings into its play; one that really gets the audience questioning themselves as the story unfolds which, in this case, revolves around how can we realise our ambitions—does it take intelligence or grit? Or perhaps neither at all?

Coming to you live from Oct 8-17 at the SCCC, Electrify My World is an original work of local director Nelson Chia, a four-time winner in the Best Director category in the Straits Times’ Life! Theatre Awards. Here, Chia will be joined by the original cast of previous production pieces—Jodi Chan, Mia Chee, Shu Yi Ching, Hang Qian Chou, Neo Hai Bin and Timothy Wan.

More information available here.