Try your hand at juggling workshops too

Trust Esplanade’s whimsical Flipside festival to channel the fun amidst these tough times. Following an abrupt cancellation last year, the fun-filled fiesta has returned with renewed vigour to present a myriad of adrenaline-pumping performances.

Happening from May 28-Jun 6, Flipside continues to invite audiences to witness epic feats of physical strength, creativity and fun. This year, the festival will feature live, digital and hybrid productions which include everything from juggling workshops to improv comedy shows.

First, check out How Drama’s Big Brown Girl, a festival commission that incorporates live and digital elements to encourage audience interaction. The new hybrid production will allow on-site and online viewers to “matchmake” the main character Ruby, who is on the prowl for that special someone.

Then there’s Flip Slides: A PowerPoint Karaoke Show, a light-hearted improv comedy show where everything is made up using a series of random PowerPoint slides. Held at the Esplanade Concourse on May 29 and Jun 5, PowerPoint Karaoke will be livestreamed and available for online viewing as well.


But don’t forget to catch the very special Re:starved, an awe-inspiring circus piece by Singapore aerialists and Bornfire Circus which explores the power of touch. Given today’s climate and fear of contact, this artistic performance could not have come at a better time.

Finally, be sure to register your interest for online juggling workshops by Tay Di-hong of Bornfire Circus. The introductory level workshop caters to those who’d like a lesson in rudimentary juggling techniques. Participants can also extend their juggling journey with a complimentary set of juggling balls; those who provide a Singapore mailing address will receive the complimentary set of juggling balls post-festival.

So what are you waiting for? Simply mark your calendars and we’ll see you on the flipside.

Flipside runs from May 28-Jun 6 at Esplanade. More information available here