Another gorgeous air-conditioned addition to our Garden City

Just when our attentions were focused on Jewel for shaping up to be the newest indoor rainforest, Gardens by the Bay swoops back in to remind us who owns the game.

Set to open Apr 14 is a brand new addition to the indoor garden family, Floral Fantasy. The attraction is situated right outside Bayfront MRT, housed in the upcoming Bayfront Plaza. Unlike its 2- and 3-acre counterparts Cloud Forest and Flower Dome, Floral Fantasy takes up much lesser space. But they haven't limited its potential to the minimal space; horticulturalists who have worked on the project have challenged themselves to create an experience that brings visitors even closer to the frondescence—if that were even possible.

The 1,500sq m space is segregated into a trail of four diversely themed garden landscapes—Dance, Float, Waltz and Drift, designed to take after the characteristics of various natural environments. Before the space officially opens its doors to the public, here’s a sneak peek of the four themed landscapes.


On your first stop, flowering plants hang suspended above in a canopy of vivid colours. This first landscape acquires its name from the captivating, almost rhythmic sway of the dangling flora. Look up for pendulous flower balls that dip up and down, adding to the whimsical charm of the garden—as if inviting guests into wonderland.



The second landscape features a serene stream that meanders through a terraced rock garden. Trees with drooping branches frame the scene, evoking a sense of intimacy among visitors.


After Float, the trail transitions into a rainforest, complete with cascading waterfalls and driftwood structures. For a realistic touch, an enclosed vivarium of 30 live Poison Dart Frogs will be showcased. Though tiny, their vibrant colours should make them easy to spot amid the greenery.


Finally, wander into a cavern fringed with ferns and glowing with a glittering lightscape meant to represent glow worms commonly found in the Waitomo caves of New Zealand. Ensconced in the cave is a collection of exotic South American orchids sprouting from rocks. Drift provides a cosy closure to the expedition, fading out the light that first surrounded you in earlier landscapes with soft lighting that gently illuminates the cave.

The walk-through leads up to a 24-seater theatrette that screens a 4D ride, based on a simulated flight of a dragonfly’s journey through Gardens by the Bay. Engaging the four senses of sight, sound, smell and touch, this immersive mini film sums up the experience while giving your tired legs a chance to rest. And no fairytale garden would be complete without the introduction of peculiar foliage. Keep an eye out for the Begonia ‘Darth Vader’, a dark-leafed begonia plant resembling the iconic Star Wars villain; or the Fried Egg Tree that bears flowers with white petals and yellow stamens.

Floral Fantasy opens Apr 14 at Gardens by the Bay, 18 Marina Gardens Dr. Tickets are priced from $17 and more information is available here.