See comedian Hossan Leong take to the stage for this delightful musical number

If you enjoy jukebox musicals like Mamma Mia!, Jersey Boys, and Motown, chances are you’ll love Sing’Theatre’s Forever Young, a vibrant musical number punctuated with light-hearted commentary about ageing.

Originally written by Swiss playwright Erik Gedeon, Forever Young was first adapted for audiences in Singapore in 2017 by our very own Benjamin “Mr Miyagi” Lee and comedian Hossan Leong. Now, the delightful duo are once again offering Singaporeans the chance to catch the play, as Forever Young returns to the Drama Centre Theatre stage from Sep 22-Oct 3.

Similar to its debut piece, this year’s Forever Young revolves around a group of nonagenarians residing in a nursing home in the year 2071, all of whom are determined to go back to the good ol’ days of their artistic careers, and prove that however old they may be, they are still gold.


To make a point, they go against their various health conditions—and the watchful eyes of their caregiver Sister Sara—to sing and groove to modern pop songs like Jay-Z’s “Forever Young”, Amy Winehouse’s “Rehab”, Bruno Mars and Silk Sonic’s “Leave The Door Open”, and Aqua’s “Barbie Girl”.

Popping and locking moves will also be displayed by none other than Hossan Leong himself, plus other prominent actors like Denise Tan, Gurmit Singh, Julian Wong, Karen Tan, Kimberly Chan and Mark Waite.

But that’s not all to this seemingly lighthearted musical. ‘Cause while there is plenty of fun and laughter, Forever Young actually holds a premise that seeks to address dementia and other conditions associated with ageing, in addition to the mental and psychological aspects of ageing. Furthermore, the show also spotlights the highs and lows of caregivers—something we don’t typically think about.

So expect this musical to tug at your heartstrings too. As Leong once said in an SG Magazine interview: “There’s a big misconception that an old person is no more than just an old person. This play brings us into the minds of each individual person—what they think about, what they hope for and more.”

You can bet you’ll walk away with a lot more than just laughter.

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