Our favourite comedians Jacky Ng and Siraj Aziz will also be making appearances

In need of a mighty good laugh? Perhaps this upcoming comedy show starring Jinx Yeo will provide some much needed cheering up.

Happening on Sunday, Jul 4, the LA Comedy Live event will take place at 4pm and 8pm at Esplanade Concert Hall. Featuring household name in Singaporean comedy Jinx Yeo, the stand-up comedian will pull out all the stops in his first full-length comedy show since the Covid-19 shutdown. Just expect Yeo to mock everything from fad diets to bitcoin fever, as well as dating and Asian parenting.

But he won’t be the only one cracking jokes all evening. Look forward to familiar faces like Jacky Ng and Siraj Aziz as these two fast-rising comedy stars will take turns heading on stage too. They are also joined by Singapore’s only Russian comedian, Artur Akhmetzyanov, as the opening act.

Due to safe distancing measures, limited seats are available. So grab your tickets quick and join these four funny guys for 90mins of non-stop laughter.

Tickets start from $60. More information available here.