Who ever said the Day of the Dead was a sombre affair?

Getting your shot of Mexican culture doesn’t have to come from just endless reruns of Disney's Coco. You know it: The annual Day of the Dead celebrations are back, paying homage to the longstanding Mexican tradition—an ode to spirits of dead relatives returning to the world of the living—that in 2008, earned a spot on the UNESCO Heritage list. And headlining the festivities is the return of Southeast Asia's largest Day of the Dead festival, Dia de Muertos. On Nov 3, the region's largest Dias de Muertos will return for its fourth year running, with an art and music fiesta saturated with colors, sights and flavors; possibly enough to make Coco look bland.

This year's festival has outdone themselves in eats, offering up more mouthwatering Latin American and Mexican food than previous years. Look forward to your favorite nosh hotspots like Park Bench Deli, Senor Taco, Vatos Urban Tacos, Brothers in Fine Food, and more. For drinks, Altos Tequila will provide an array of cocktails, alongside select Mexican spirits to accompany your grub. Food and beverages at the event are off-menu and exclusively crafted for the festival—like Casa Poncho's special Pizza Tortillas creation. Alt Yard churros and Fluff Bakery's famed Tres Leche Cake round up the dessert offerings for all sweet tooths.

Don't forget entertainment. Mexican and Singaporean talents alike will put up live music performances and traditional dance workshops; while special guest Mexican storyteller Valentina Ortiz will be flying in to perform, plus present pre-Hispanic dances. You'll want to put on your dancing shoes too, to either work up an appetite or dance your ensuing calories away. Tickets can be purchased here, and include one free non-alcoholic beverage, a gif photo booth experience and full access to the day's activities.

Dia de Muertos happens Nov 3 at the F1 Pit Building, Outdoor Area. More information here.