Hollywood’s favourite boutique gym makes its way to Singapore

To say that Barry’s is a notch up your regular gym sesh is an understatement. 

The notoriously brutal bootcamp is a training ground for warriors, set in an intensely sexy, red-hued room and filled with rows of sleek equipment—and it’s coming to Singapore this May 11, its first ever outlet in Asia. Thumping rock-based workout music should also get your heart rate rocketing before you even set foot upon the treadmill, while the walls are lined with floor-to-ceiling mirrors for you to check your form as you clock in treadmill miles, and of course, to admire the way red lighting accentuates the contours of your sweat-slicked guns.

For all you fitspos out there, you’ll already know how Barry’s has led the globally-renowned High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) revolution when it first started in Los Angeles, which promises an immersive and motivating experience that helps torch up to 1,000 calories per session. A one-hour session of high-intensity workout comprises of two main categories—treadmills and floorwork, where equipment such as weights, medicine balls and resistance bands are at your disposal. This makes for an intense cardio-strength hybrid workout that will leave you trembling post-workout.

Their ever-growing membership list is star-studded, with A-listers of pop culture often getting papped post-workout with a signature protein smoothie from the in-house Fuel Bar in hand, or all decked out in Barry’s gear. With a portfolio of bangin’ celeb bods to be held accountable for, Barry’s has accumulated not only praises from its clientele but gained mega street cred along the way. We expect many of Singapore’s celebs to hop onto this bandwagon too, no doubt.

All ready to sign up? Singaporeans will be able to attempt the celebrity-endorsed workouts next month. Their flagship outlet opens in the heart of Raffles Place, so folks working in the CBD will be able to get their premium gym fix right after work.

Barry’s opens May 11 at 18 Robinson Rd. Get on their list to stay updated.