No better way to tackle a serious issue than with insightful comedy

Fakkah Fuzz (born Muhammad Fadzri Rashi), everybody’s favorite local comedian, is back with more politically-incorrect rants revolving around his life experiences (that he so often uses as cross-cultural comedic fodder).

Come Oct 26, head over to the Esplanade to catch Unmarried, where Fuzz will be poking fun at the incredibly-relatable obsession of Asian parents marrying off their children. Even if that main theme isn't your cup of tea, expect to be drawn in by his conversational style and jokes delivered with pizzazz, heavily tinged with local inflections—meaning you might not get some punchlines if you're not Singaporean enough.

While Fuzz's lack of care for OB markers have gotten him into trouble in the past, it is perhaps because of that that he has garnered such a strong following too. His shows have gone on strong despite some backlash in past years and just earlier this year, he had gotten a well-deserved special feature on Netflix for his show Almost Banned. It is nice to see our homegrown comedians gaining international spotlight. So come with an open mind and be prepared for a side-splitting time you won't soon forget.

Catch Fakkah Fuzz in the flesh at Unmarried, rated M18, taking place Oct 26 at the Esplanade. More information here