Play Hotpot Havoc if you’ve sorely missed dining out at Hai Di Lao or Beauty In The Pot

Nothing brings Singaporeans together like good food. Nothing is also more abundantly available in Singapore. Unsurprisingly, the present pandemic situation has put a huge dampener on our collective mood.

And as we navigate the current restrictions and meal options, Capital Gains Studio has rolled out a new, exciting hotpot card game. Tapping into our obsession with the communal way of feasting, Hotpot Havoc is a fitting solution to lifting spirits while satiating our inner foodies.

Launched under the Mercat Games collection, Hotpot Havoc is a real-time family card game suitable for two to five players. Featuring all-time favourite soup bases from mala to tomato, players win the game by gathering the most points over four rounds.


Points are gained through combinations of sauces, bowls, and ingredients with their selected soup bases—basically a reproduction of our familiar hotpot top dog scene, where someone we know will claim to own the best way to go about enjoying hotpot, before someone else swoops in to dispute that claim with his or her own formula instead.


The real master can now end all disputes by becoming the Hotpot Havoc champion, solidifying that claim to have the best hotpot combination.

Beyond fun and novelty, this game is also the perfect opportunity to gather around a table and fight over food while finding joy in some semblance of steamboat.

Hotpot Havoc is a celebration of the Singaporean dining experience, a culmination of the pride and enjoyment that Singaporeans have towards our unique culture and cuisine.

Learn the game, order a copy, or find out more here.