Dive into a flying saucer ball pit and snap away against a starry backdrop

If you’re often enthralled by the visually-appealing aesthetics of space faring flicks like Star Trek and Star Wars, you’re bound to love this new exhibition at the ArtScience Museum. From now till Feb 16, pop by the Marina Bay Sands venue to visit An Intergalactic Odyssey, which takes visitors on a voyage to the galaxy and beyond.

Held at the Inspiration Gallery and helmed by creative agency Black Mongrels, the exhibition is unlike the ArtScience Museum’s many other massive exhibitions. Instead, this is more of a cool, space-themed zone that presents an immersive multimedia experience for all to simply have fun.

Be blown away by the glow-in-the-dark space adorned with stars, neon signages and planet pieces hanging above. And at the centre of it all, find a flying saucer ball pit to dive into.

An Intergalactic Odyssey is truly a sight for sore eyes. Just check out the pictures below.

An Intergalactic Odyssey runs from now till Feb 16 at the ArtScience Museum. Tickets are $7 per entry. More information here.