Joseph Schooling launches Schooling Sport, a fitness app that provides personalised training programmes

New year, new resolutions. If they involve losing weight, exercising more and adopting a healthier lifestyle, you might want to download Schooling Sport, a fitness app by Singapore’s first Olympic gold medallist Joseph Schooling. 

Reflecting on the importance of fitness to his own life and career, Schooling was inspired to create an app that could help others reach their own fitness goals. 

Schooling Sport offers real-time interactive audio coaching and a range of customised workouts. It utilises a smart biofeedback training system to ensure everyone gets the most out of each session. 

The system works by measuring a user’s V02 Max, a fitness marker used to quantify an individual’s fitness level based on the maximum amount of oxygen he or she uses during exercise. 

It also uses heart rate data to maximise the efficiency of every session. Heart rate training zones are determined based on each user’s age and are adjusted based on the training goal of each session to get the best results.

, Joseph Schooling launches Schooling Sport, a fitness app that provides personalised training programmes

Hundreds of workouts are available for you to choose from. From yoga to strength training, there is a workout to suit everyone’s personal needs and goals. 

The biggest draw of this app is that you get to “train” with Schooling. There are selected workouts such as Body Weight Circuit where the Olympic champ will personally coach you through the sessions. All are based on exercises Schooling does regularly. How’s that as a motivating factor? 

In addition, users will have access to professional guidance from other world champions and fitness innovators.  

The app was developed in partnership with Pear Sports, a provider of digital coaching and wellness solutions. Combined with Schooling’s own experience as a professional athlete, Schooling Sports is backed by the services and expertise of experts in the field. 

Schooling Sports is available for download now on IOS and Android devices. You will get access to all services in a free two-week trial, after which a monthly subscription begins at $5.99 per month. Even if you choose not to sign up, you’ll retain access to four premium workouts at no additional cost. 

If you are ready to commit to your fitness journey in the long term, you can opt for a yearly subscription at $60. 

More information available here.