Perfect for an environmentally conscious date night

Even before Crazy Rich Asians, visitors and locals alike have made it a point to visit Gardens by the Bay long after the sun has set. Because after dark, the spectacular lightshow that comes on brings the Supertree Grove alive; and it never disappoints. 

From Oct 19-28, the stunning Supertree Grove will offer up more than its usual lightshow. As part of its sixth anniversary celebrations, Gardens by the Bay will be completely transformed into a man-made neon jungle, filled with animal light installations, a neon night market and more. 

Because it's part of the now-annual Youth Celebrates Sustainability festival, the theme of the festivities is sustainability—which will see the largest neon installation on our shores yet, and in the form of endangered native animals, no less. Expect to spot exotic creatures native to Southeast Asia that are also, unfortunately, quietly and viciously being pushed closer to extinction from the unsustainable rate of deforestation. It's some food for thought as you take a romantic stroll amongst the custom, life-sized psychedelic fittings through the gardens.

Beyond the installations, there is a ton of other glow-in-the-dark fun to be had. The exciting lineup of entertainment includes live circus street performances, a glow-in-the-dark party, plus two nostalgic moonlight cinema screenings held in collaboration with the Singapore International Film Festival. And if you're one of those constantly lamenting about the dismal lack of environmentally conscious goods, pop by the eco-friendly night market, with booths hawking a fine medley of handmade artisanal goods, organic bites, gourmet vegan snacks and creative upcycled merch maximizing the utility of old items. 

In line with all things eco-friendly, catch a "recycling jam" performance with OutcastSG, using recycled materials and their bodies to create sick rhythms and beats; or just soak in electronic dance hits from DJ Fadz. It sounds like all fun and games, but if these festivities get us one step closer to a more conscious Singapore, we're down.

Neon Jungle 2018 takes place Oct 19-28 at Gardens by the Bay, 18 Marina Gardens Drive. More info here