The jaw-dropping acts will even be staged on an immersive, 360-degree space to offer a more intimate experience

La Clique may have been unsuccessful in staging a performance earlier in May due to the unexpected Phase 2 (Heightened Alert), but they’re nothing if not determined to wow audiences this second time around.

Spearheaded by Sliding Doors Entertainment, Unusual Entertainment and Marina Bay Sands, La Clique and its crew members are eager and ready as ever to set foot in the lush premises of MBS and finally bring its dedicated music, circus and satire performances—which garnered an ​​Olivier Award, the highest honour in British theatre—to our shores.

And yes it does boast The Great Showman vibes, but trust us when we say it is gonna be better—and probably a lot more ethical.


On top of singing and dancing, La Clique offers a line-up of award-winning acts such as acrobatic roller-skating duo The Skating Willers; sword swallower and fire breather Heather Holliday; aerial performer Stephen Williams, and professional Hula Hoop artist and entertainer Lisa Lottie.

These talents bring jaw-dropping performances that P.T. Barnum can only ever dream of.

Moreover, every act will be performed at an immersive 360-degree space that brings a more intimate experience to audience members as the action will literally unfold right in front of their eyes.

Presented at Marina Bay Sands Convention & Expo Hall C, the show will run from Sep 22-Nov 7, with Bernie Dieter, a world-renowned cabaret artist, songwriter and performance artist dubbed as the “undisputed Queen of punk cabaret”, as the host.

Tickets available here. More information available here.