It’s the closest you’ll get to Jurassic Park

Ah, 65 million years ago; things were simpler back then. All you had to worry about was figuring out which fellow dinosaur was your ally or predator, and getting blown to bits by a meteor—none of the existentialist, “finding yourself” drama we have to deal with today. If you’ve always fancied yourself a dinosaur geek obsessed with the prehistoric, sit tight: A gang (gaggle?) of the mighty creatures is making its way onto our shores come August.

Based off the BBC Television Series of the same name, Walking with Dinosaurs—The Live Experience recreates the magic of the prehistoric era inside the Singapore Indoor Stadium from Aug 29. The $20 million production, first conceptualised by Global Creatures in Australia in 2007, opened its new world tour in the UK last July, with Singapore one of the few stops on the Asia leg. If you haven’t figured by now, the 18 life-sized dinosaurs making their way here are animatronics—but don’t discount the visual spectacle.

The largest in the show, the Brachiosaurus stands at 11 metres tall

Think state-of-the-art technology and cinematic realism as the show depicts the dinosaurs’ evolution, grounded by the latest scientific research. You’ll get to see nine species onstage—from the Plateosaurus of the Triassic period (the earliest period, some 240 million years ago) to the more familiar Stegosaurus of the Jurassic period, to the culturally ubiquitous Tyrannosaurus Rex, tiny arms and all. The limited-season show also traces the history of the world from the earth’s first splitting of its continents to the eventual extinction of the dinosaurs; so you’re in for an educational lesson too.



Walking with Dinosaurs—The Live Experience runs from Aug 29 (Tue-Sun) at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. Tickets start from $78 here and more information is available here.