Search for mythical creatures or showcase your passion for fashion

In the blink of an eye, the Museum Roundtable has turned 25. And in celebration of this momentous milestone, the collective will be rolling out a series of initiatives and programmes to continue encouraging a museum-going culture among Singaporeans.

This will begin with the Mystery Museum Tours, which will take the public on a journey of exploration through selected museums in Singapore. Happening from Sep 4-26, lesser-known museums and galleries will be spotlighted in this series.

The celebrations will then culminate in a Museum Roundtable 25th Anniversary Traveling Exhibition in November, promising educational and fun-filled activities at various public spaces.

And while we can’t disclose the complete tour itineraries in order to keep the mystery alive, we can confirm that thematic tours will be offered, with workshops and hands-on activities included in the entire affair. For instance, those with a passion for fashion can opt for the Fashion Confessions tour while those who want a more intimate look at the inner workings of museums can try Hidden Secrets.

There is also Mythical Creatures, which brings audiences on a search for fantastic creatures hidden within local museums. Participants will learn about the practices and beliefs behind the deities and protective guardians in South and Southeast Asian myths, and the significance of these mythical characters in their respective cultures and communities.

Sounds like a great way to spend your upcoming weekends? Then sign up for a slot here. Registrations are now open and are available on a first-come-first-serve basis. The tours will only set you back $10-20 (per person) and tours will be limited to a maximum of 10 individuals per session to comply with safe distancing regulations.

More information available here.