Cook, craft and rediscover Singapore this December at My Community Festival

Singapore may be your homeland, but do you truly know what it is that makes this country tick? Here to help you rediscover this vibrant city you call home is the inaugural My Community Festival which spans from Dec 4-20, offering an authentic exploration of our rich and multi-faceted heritage through a series of islandwide programmes.

Walk a mile in other Singaporeans’ shoes by embarking on a journey that goes beyond the tourist belt to showcase the often overlooked gems in the neighbourhoods that we live, work and play in. Supported by the Singapore Tourism Board, the festival is part of the ongoing SingapoRediscovers campaign that offers a refreshed take on local tourism, allowing locals to gain an insider’s look at the everyday lives of different cultural communities.

Members of the public can check out a whopping 46 community-led tours and workshops that present a lesser-known side of Singapore.

, Cook, craft and rediscover Singapore this December at My Community Festival
Credit: Hatainuch Kamhengna

These include Makan My Curry, where you can step into the kitchens of eleven local families and discover how they prepare the traditional curries of their respective cultures and/or communities. From the popular Singapore curry fish head to lesser-known recipes like Eurasian Kari Debal, Sri Lankan Jaffna Curry and North Indian Katha Kadhi, this tour offers participants a chance to broaden their understanding of other cultures through food. Additionally, participants will be given the opportunity to make their own curry, and enjoy their very own cooking too.

, Cook, craft and rediscover Singapore this December at My Community Festival
Credit: Chye Seng Huat Hardware

There’s also Meet My Craftsman as well as One Bean, Many Coffees; the former introduces locals to traditional craftsmen as they share more about their crafts and guide participants in making some of their own, while the latter comprises a series of demonstrations that explore the different ways to brew a cup of joe.

Stay tuned, becaused more events will be revealed as the festival continues throughout the final month of 2020. From livestream tours to a special series of virtual flash experiences, visit the festival website to learn more about the many offerings.

And don’t forget to book your tour(s) of choice early to successfully discover Singapore in a whole new light.

My Community Festival happens from Dec 4-20 at various locations in Singapore. More information available here.