Chart the transformation of this special neighbourhood with three thematic routes

From tales of crocodile and pirate attacks to welcoming Singapore’s first fast food restaurant in a housing estate, there’s actually much to learn about Hougang. Learn about all these and more via the Hougang Heritage Trail which charts the transformation of the neighbourhood and uncovers hidden gems of one of Singapore’s oldest heartlands.

The trail is part of the National Heritage Board’s ongoing efforts to document and promote the distinct histories and memories of different local areas. It bears significance as it is the 20th heritage trail and the first heartland trail to feature two National Monuments.

So, simply look forward to visiting 18 heritage sites with 10 trail markers via three thematic trail routes, namely the Landmarks of Hougang, Institutions of Service and Architectural Gems.

Hougang Tou Mu Kung, 2020. Credit: National Heritage Board

Firstly, the Landmarks of Hougang route takes trail-goers to sites of heritage significance along Upper Serangoon Road, while introducing others that represent the diverse communities who live and work in Hougang. That means not only is the Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary en route, so is Hougang Tou Mu Kung and Ah Seah’s Teochew Porridge too.

Meanwhile, Institutions of Service offers a look at institutions established to serve communities by providing medical care, education and social support. Stops include Phoh Kiu Siang T’ng, Tua Jia Kar, Zi Yun Kai Ji Gong and Serangoon Khiung Jai Co-Villagers Association.

Finally, Architectural Gems highlights the built heritage of Hougang, including its pre-war shophouses, religious institutions and National Monuments. Start at the Ramakrishna Mission before heading down to spots such as the Hougang Tou Mu Kung and Rainbow Block of Hougang.

The Hougang Heritage Trail’s companion guide and map are available in four languages, and can be downloaded from NHB’s heritage portal here. Instead of fretting about your lack of vacation plans, just head to the Hougang neighbourhood and explore the district in a whole new light.

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