Based on the international blockbuster magic heist film franchise

Arriving on our shores to leave audiences spellbound is the immersive, theatrical experience that is Now You See Me Live, taking place at the Sands Theatre this May 21-31. Expect it to be a show filled with tricks and illusions, leaving you mind-boggled and astounded.

Based on the titular international blockbuster magic heist film franchise, Now You See Me Live will similarly feature the four Horsemen, whose roles will be filled by real-life illusionists. The whole crew including "The Showman" David Climent, "The Manipulator" Florian Sainvet, "The Escape Artist" Sabine van Diemen, and “The Mentalist" Enzo Weyne will make an appearance.

It promises to deliver a show that gives fans of the movies a new way of engaging with the franchise. From the trailer alone, we can see van Diemen replicating one of the most dangerous tricks her character performed in the first film, in addition to other disappearing acts and fire play.

The entire production will be led by the creative team behind the world's best-selling magic show The Illusionists, so be prepared for a state-of-the-art magic show of epic proportions.

And if you’ve caught Now You See Me in theatres and had always hoped to experience the magic in person, there is no better chance than this.

Now You See Me Live will arrive at the Sands Theatre this May 21-31. Tickets and more information available here.