Celebrating women in positions of power through photography and film

Objectifs has had a good three-year run with its annual Women in Film and Photography showcase. The female-centric exhibitions have pushed to the fore works by international female photographers and filmmakers, collectively unveiling and underscoring critical problems and possible resolves for changes to be made within society. Whilst not a new concept, the showcase highlights the important contributions women make to the arts and more importantly, uncovers subjectivities and subtleties of the female gaze—compared to the time-honored male gaze in photography.

Last year’s showcase was a reflection of affairs within domestic and familial spaces, revolving around subjects including domestic helpers from Bangladesh, same-sex couples living in Vietnam and the everyday life in the post-war Middle East. This year, with prolific collective movements springing up left and right, such as #MeToo and #TimesUp, the fourth edition of Objectifs’ Women in Film and Photography has adopted the theme of "Collective Power", steadfast in its support for demands to end violence against women.

The photography exhibition will throw pertinent issues of politics, sexuality and cultural oppression into the spotlight—Kuwaiti-born Palestinian photographer Laura Boushnak, focuses on literacy and education reform in her I Read I Write photographs. Singaporean Wong Maye-E breaks the silence of the Rohingya crisis with a slew of emotional visuals in her All I Have Left are Words, supported by text from Kristen Gelineau. There will also be a slideshow projection evening on Nov 8 with initiative Women Photograph, which aims to elevate the voices of women visual journalists internationally. The projection will include photographers like Singaporean Ore Huiying, and documentary photographers Kiana Hayeri, Smita Sharma and Saumya Khandelwal. 

I Read I Write, Laura Boushnak

Single Mothers of Afghanistan, Kiana Hayeri

Childbrides of Shravasti, Saumya Khandelwal

Stolen Futures, Smita Sharma

Mekong, Mothers of Rivers, Ore Huiying

Women in Photography runs from Oct 5- Nov 18 at Chapel Gallery, Objectifs. Admission is free and more information here