Check out introspective digital paintings by artists from all across the globe

Are you a morning or a night person? Do you prefer coffee or tea?

These may seem like mundane questions, but new, online immersive exhibition Opposites Attract is urging us to consider them more profoundly.

Created by product company Xencelabs in collaboration with Artiste Culture, the global showcase that runs from now till Aug 20 is all about examining life’s contradictions and connections. And like its name suggests, it wants us to answer the age-old question: do opposites attract? Why do we even compare?

So hop online and enjoy a free guided tour of the exhibition here and start pondering if there is any truth to the phrase opposites attract—in love, life and everything in-between.


Works on display include the introspective Balance by Isabella Kobi that looks at internal balance, as well as Ilianna Kamtsiora’s The Connection of Nature and Beings which discusses the relationship between all living things.

Do also keep an eye out for Aadit Basu’s Labyrinth Poetics too, this one explores poetry of form in the familiar.

Featuring 50 works by 50 artists from 11 countries, Opposites Attract affords us the opportunity to dig a little deeper, and encounter stories in the digital realm. Plus, the experience isn’t just a seamless one, it is entertaining and convenient too. Head online to give this cool showcase a go and contemplate objects, environments and concepts that differ from one another—although if all else fails, you can always just ogle at the beautiful artworks and virtual exhibits.

Check out the exhibition here.