A playground pop-up for adults is coming to Gillman Barracks this March

Don’t thwart your inner child this March; the time has come for us to relive those carefree moments we’ve had as kids, as a playground pop-up for adults will be arriving soon.

Named the Soul Happy Play Fest 2020, the one-day only event at Playeum will offer art workshops, therapeutic classes, performances and more, for all to relax and have fun.

First, enjoy a buffet lunch and explore a marketplace while you mingle with other participants, aka Soul Happy buddies. Then, a short experiential talk about playtime will take place before the commencement of play workshops, which consists of programmes like Stamping Fun by Craft Atelier, Soul Happy Bookmark by The Art People, and even a Yoga Nidra Meditation session.

Get to revel in the great outdoors too, as popcorn and ice cream will be dished out as you play fun, life-sized games like Jenga or Snakes and Ladders in the open-air area around Gillman Barracks. And after all that, wind down with a puppet theatre performance thanks to theatre group Jalan Rambutan.

The day will be ending off with a lucky draw and perhaps more, as Soul Happy Play Fest does promise to go out with a bang, so Soul Happy buddies might be in for a surprise finale.

Also, in the days leading up to the festival, a Soul Happy Journey that gives participants a chance to partake in various invigorating activities will be happening. Simply complete your Soul Happy Passport, and you stand to win prizes too.

Tickets for the festival are going for $128, but a pair of them will only set you back $188, so why not bring a friend and de-stress together? We know you deserve a break.

Soul Happy Play Fest is happening at Playeum on Mar 28. Tickets and more information available here.