New rides, themes and a ticketing system that makes sense

When the massive Prudential Marina Bay Carnival dropped at the Bayfront Event Space and nearby The Promontory for the first time last year, no one knew what to expect. This year, while the format remains largely the same for this second edition happening from now till Mar 24, 2019, there are a few new things you should take note before you head down.

Three new rides

Wave Swinger

In addition to the rides from last year (like the Star Flyer), there will be three spanking new ones to spice things up, including the new main attraction, the Wave Swinger. Essentially a medium-sized carousel with swings, what makes this photogenic family-friendly ride special are the murals of Singapore landmarks such as Gardens by the Bay painted on its facade.

Freak Out

Of the other two new rides, Jumper Jumper and Freak Out, the latter is the more extreme one – with a name like that, it’s obvious. Try not to freak or belch as you get swung 360 degrees in all directions, or go for the milder but still thrilling Jumper Jumper, a graffiti-themed ride that has you go round and round a central spinner.

Changing themes

Jumper Jumper

Keeping things fresh for repeat goers, there will be three base themes – Crazy, Loving, and Epic – to be rolled out at stages throughout the carnival. The first theme, Make Crazy Memories, is currently underway. Expect programs and promos such as food challenges, best dressed contests and more. Visitors dressed most in theme can score perks like skipping the queues and winning bonus credits. But whatever you come dressed in, know that a Chewbacca Santa will be roving the fairgrounds; how can you be crazier than that?

Free admission and fast-passes

The ticketing format has changed. While last year’s started as a ticketed event then morphed into a free-entry one later on, this second edition is free admission from the get-go, with many of the rides and games being offered for cheaper (but not by much) as well. And expecting massive lines, the organisers have introduced a fast-pass system for certain rides too, so you can beat the queues at your choosing.

Only one event space

Last year’s carnival was sited at two different spaces, the Bayfront Event Space and nearby The Promontory. This time, it’s occupying just the former, taking up less total square feet but offering more rides and games than before. This just means everything is more packed together for your convenience. The one thing that’s definitely reduced are the number of food stalls, with only seven offerings. So eat before you head down if you’re looking for a full meal. If not, that bucket of Sofnade Meatballs though, is all you need.

The Prudential Marina Bay Carnival runs through Mar 24, 2019 at the Bayfront Event Space. More info here.