It’ll be a hip party of sorts hosted by the Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre

If you’re looking for a party to be at this weekend, look no further than the first-ever Re.mix festival that’s a bold celebration of art, music and Chinese culture by the Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre (SCCC). From Jan 10-12, head down to the SCCC compounds to find a one-of-a-kind, rambunctious affair.

Not only will there be a quirky exhibition utilising AR technology to offer interpretations of Chinese culture, there’ll also be an urban art exhibition that showcases the works of 20 contemporary artists which draws inspiration from Chinese classics like Journey to the West and more. Workshops and markets are promised too; the Hooray Re.mix market will feature over 50 creatives and their handmade crafts, cool fashion collectibles and art pieces, and perfume making workshops as well as toy making classes will be happening for all to try their hand at creating scents and toys.

Yet that’s not all. Those who enjoy a lot of playtime will want to partake in The Re.mix Escape, a game that has an East-meets-West element, with the God of Fortune and Santa Claus making appearances to seek the participants’ help to restore belief in their identities. 

Awesome tunes await too–other than the festival’s opening music party, TGIF Re.mix Music Station, that spotlights local music talents like Jasmine Sokko and The Facade, a Re.mix Getai will also be at the event for you to rediscover getai culture.

So pop on over to the new Re.mix festival to see what it’s all about; it's a pretty timely celebration of Chinese culture, what with the early arrival of Chinese New Year this 2020.

Re.mix 2020 happens from Jan 10-12 at the Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre. More information available here.