Finally, an excuse to go to the beach at night

If the great Disney-themed Christmas lights (and crowds) of Orchard Road aren’t for you, take a detour down south to Sentosa instead. Island Lights 2018, the supersized second edition of Sentosa’s pop-up art festival, is back just in time for the holidays, with 10 photo-worthy installations scattered around Palawan Beach.

From now through Dec 31, the beach at the far end of the island has been made over with commissioned works from local artists, integrated fully into the sandy landscape. KTVMTV by independent label Mash-Up is a ‘90s-inspired neon pop dream come true; the glittery pink installation of crates Islands, Barnacles and Other Living Dreams by artist Soph O invites you to write a wish and hang it up with those of others before you; while multidisciplinary designer Tina Fung’s Harmony explores the intersection between art, set design, interaction and the environment—in a neon lit setup of hands set against the backdrop of the sea.

For something truly immersive, step into ASMR Wonderland by multi-disciplinary artist Yang—the only indoor installation at the festival. The multi-sensorial experience brings the social media trend to life, with an original ASMR (auto sensory meridian response) soundtrack wafting peacefully over the enclosed room of tarp-covered sand. It’s like a crowd-favourite ball pit; but relaxing.


Islands, Barnacles and Other Living Dreams


ASMR Wonderland

Outside, the main area of Palawan Beach has also been converted into a twinkling dining area, complete with light food and drinks and live performances from local bands. If you’re there purely to enjoy the beachside serenity though, you might want to avoid dropping by on Dec 14-16 and Dec 21-23, when Singapore’s inaugural Pikachu Night Parade from Japan will take place at 7.30pm—featuring nine LED-lit Pikachus dancing along a 100m route. It’s bound to be sweaty, otaku-fueled madness; and ASMR Wonderland can only hold so many people trying to hide from it all.

Island Lights 2018 happens Nov 16-Dec 31 at Palawan Beach, Sentosa. More information here.