Get to commission a portrait of your beloved cat

Dissipate your worries of being seen as a crazy cat lady at the second coming of the Singapore Cat Festival, where you can wholly embrace your love for felines without fear of judgement. Happening Jul 27-28 at Great World City is Singapore Cat Festival 2019, where a wide range of activities await all cat lovers.

Aside from the usual sale of treats and accessories at the event booths, illustrators will also be setting up shop, dishing out cute illustrations inspired by furry felines. Local illustrator Laugh and Belly will be partnering up with amigurumi expert Beebeecraftycat, for pet owners to commission cat portraits that can be done within a mere 30 minutes, as well as purchase ready-made yarn crochets of cats.

There will be talks too, covering topics like responsible pet ownership, travelling with cats, and common health problems among cats. And putting on a Cat Showcase onstage is Cats of Instagram Singapore, while an adoption drive will be organised by Cat Welfare Society.

Photo credit: Lousia Violet Photography

Do some good while you’re there too. The festival will be holding a donation drive with Purely Adoptions to gather necessities and resources for the rescuers and fosterers of less fortunate cats. Things that would help these caregivers and cats include newspapers, towels, new cat food items and toys.

If you’re anything like the local, brazen cat community, come dressed in cat-themed outfits or matching outfits with your little feline (it’s part of the optional dress code) and head down to the Singapore Cat Festival 2019 for a jam-packed cat-themed weekend.

Singapore Cat Festival 2019 is held from Jul 27-28, at Great World City. Admission is free. More information here.