Custom order your ricebowls like you do your cai png 

Ever wondered how the donburi bowl of your wildest dreams would look like? Come Oct 19-21, you can make that a reality, at Singapore's inaugural DIY Donburi Event. Donburi Revolution 2018 aims to educate on the tastes and types of Japanese rice. True 'rice buckets' will be glad to find that this event gathers a selection of authentic Japanese rice produced in different Japanese prefectures; so brace yourself for some really serious rice sampling. 

Held at Marina Square's Central Atrium, the event will host a line-up of booths and interactive workshops parading all things rice-related—where you can try your hand at temari sushi- and onigiri-making. Another highlight is the live rice-cooking demonstrations using the latest Hitachi rice cookers and equipment, where you'll be able to sample the finished product after.

But of course, the main event is the DIY donburi-making. Pre-register online to redeem a free bowl of Japanese rice, or simply purchase one for a modest $2 at the entrance. Once you've got your bowl, you're free to wander around the six toppings booths to get creative. The six toppings booths at the event are all manned by tried-and-true Japanese restaurants like Omote (previously Sushiro), the TEPPEI group and Ramen King Keisuke, proffering delectable options. The TEPPEI group will be helming two booths themselves, one being the Una-tama Don featuring eel and egg, and the other the Stamina Don, with beef slices and miced chicken. Other choices include roast beef, tempura, curry and egg with each serving ranging from $2 onwards; all in the name of concocting your dream donburi.

Limited servings of rice are available on-site each day, with rice from a different prefecture featured. You can also take part in the “Name Your Donburi” Instagram contest and stand to win a 300g Japanese rice packet when you upload pictures of your finished donburi. And if all the rice talk gets you really raring to make a trip to Japan, there's a travel booth on-site to get your travel plans sorted.

Donburi Revolution 2018 happens Oct 19-21 at Marina Square, Central Atrium. More information here.