Ready, set your headlamps, go

Fancy an evening sprint? Then head down to Asia’s first-ever night challenge as Spartan Race returns to Sentosa this Mar 28 to gather athletes and amateurs alike to test their strength and endurance against Spartan’s signature obstacle course, both by day and night.

The evening edition is essentially a night spin on the well-known Spartan Sprint, which comprises a 5km run plus 20 obstacles. So expect thousands of headlamp-equipped Spartans to light up Sentosa island, after the morning sprint’s competitive and open heats conclude.

With a mix of beach, trail and urban terrain, Sentosa is not only a fan favourite within Singapore’s Spartan community, but also a perfect spot for challenges. Adrenaline junkies will definitely get wet, before being bathed in mud and sand, all while enjoying the salt-licked air and gorgeous views that come with each climb.

If you managed to conquer all that, you’ll get to take home the new 2020 Spartan Sprint Finisher Medal and Shirt, which is the first step towards earning the ultimate Spartan achievement, aka the Spartan Trifecta.

Better start gearing up for the world’s largest obstacle course race, folks.

Spartan Race will be happening at Sentosa island on Mar 28. Tickets and more information available here.