Fan service at its best

We're just a little over a month away from the release of the second Star Wars anthology film, Solo: A Star Wars Story. The film is set before the events of 2016's Rogue One and the original 1977 film, and gives us a glimpse into the adventures of a younger Han Solo (played by Alden Ehrenreich) and Chewbacca, who meet characters like the infamous Lando Calrissian (who famously "betrayed" Solo in The Empire Strikes Back), Solo's mentor Tobias Beckett (played by Woody Harrelson) and Solo's childhood friend, Qi’Ra (played by Daenerys Stormborn of the House Targaryen, First of Her Name, the Unburnt, Queen of the Andals and the First Men, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, Breaker of Chains and Mother of Dragons… a.k.a. Emilia Clarke). To tide you over the excruciating wait, celebrate Star Wars Day on May 4-5 at the F1 Pit Building.

We already know that the now iconic Star Wars Run is returning for a second edition on the second day, thanks to The Walt Disney Company Southeast Asia and local race organizer Esprimo. This year, participants on both Dark and Light sides will be running around the F1 Pit Building itself and the nearby Marina Bay area in either 10km competitive or 5.4km non-competitive routes.

But if you’re not the kind who’s up for breaking a sweat, there’s still the Star Wars Day: May The 4th Be With You Festival to turn to. While there aren't any big-ass replicas from the film on show this time round, you’ll still have a plethora of Star Wars-related things to do there. You’ll have the chance to rub shoulders with Albin Johnson, the founder of international Star Wars costuming group 501st Legion, who will be making his Southeast Asian debut appearance by walking around the festival grounds with R2-KT, his very own custom-built pink astromech droid that made a cameo in The Force Awakens three years ago.

You can also rewatch a couple of Star Wars films at the outdoor cinema after you’re done with your rounds, and a fireworks display on the second day during the race flag-off. Other fan-led festival highlights include a cosplay march-in and meet-and-greet, an exciting lightsaber fight performance, a Dark Empire performance, workshops and more.

More details to follow. Stay updated here and here.