Quite possibly the greatest show

Bayfront Avenue just can’t catch a break; mere months after the space was taken over by The Great Moscow Circus, the Big Top is back. Arriving Jul 5 in a brand new grey-and-white tent is Cirque du Soleil’s own highly anticipated Kurios—Cabinet of Curiosities, premiering in Singapore as part of a phenomenal world tour.

Written and directed by Michel Laprise, the show conceptualised in 1984 combines fantasy with period design, acrobatics and an incredible original score. The wondrous narrative takes place in the latter half of the 19th Century, and draws from the industrial revolution and steampunk era for its set design and elaborate costumes. It all begins with a scientist, The Seeker, who like any great mind is convinced that there exists a hidden world—one where the craziest ideas and grandest dreams are possible. As he journeys deeper into this fantastical new world, he comes face to face with the various curious characters who inhabit it.

Look out for “deep-sea” contortionists building human pyramids, fearless chair-balancing acts, quirky robots, and one bemusing Nico the Accordion Man—whose stretchy accordion costume allows him to bend very low or stand straight up to always maintain optimal eye contact. The 47-strong cast from 17 countries range from world-class gymnasts to clowns and even yo-yo wizards, and are sure to put on a dazzling visual display.

Kurios marks the sixth production from Cirque du Soleil in partnership with M1 Limited, who last brought Kooza to our shores in 2017. Tickets start from $95 and go on sale Jan 28, though M1 customers can get priority tickets now here.

Kurios—Cabinet of Curiosities premieres Jul 5 at the Big Top on Bayfront Avenue. More information here.