Straight Acting premieres Oct 14 at the theatre company’s home in Funan mall

Award-winning playwright Thomas Lim is back with a brand new play. Best known for writing the acclaimed local show Grandmother Tongue, Lim’s upcoming piece once again delves into uniquely Singaporean social issues.

In this case, the all-new Straight Acting will premiere Oct 14 at Wild Rice theatre company’s home in Funan mall to discuss the lives of LGBTQ+ couples looking to start families.


In Straight Acting, Olivia and Jaime are a couple looking to start a family in straight-laced Singapore. To make their situation work, they rope in their gay best friends Jia Ming and Russell. And pretending to be happy, heteronormative couples living in wedded bliss goes smoothly, until it doesn’t. Soon, they are left wondering: is living a lie really living at all?

Inspired by true events and stories including the 2018 landmark High Court case where a Singaporean gay dad was allowed to adopt his own biological son, this show boldly explores and redefines the complexities surrounding family values and what they mean in Singapore.

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