The new, immersive multiplayer game debuts today

Head to Vivocity’s Timezone today (Jun 25) and you’ll find a fresh face there: Minecraft Dungeons Arcade.

This 2020 adventure role-playing video game has gone from flat screens to a coin-operated machine within reach. It is the first time a multiplayer arcade of such RPG nature lands in Singapore, in Southeast Asia even; and Timezone has the luxury of hosting it.

Nesh Selva, General Manager of Timezone Singapore, said: “Timezone is all about creating the best entertainment experience for our fans and families."

“As a testament to this, Singaporeans will be the first in Southeast Asia to play the much-awaited Minecraft Dungeons.”


Minecraft Dungeons Arcade will see players—a maximum of four—fight off evil mobs across nine blocky universes like Squid Coast and Desert Temple, to name a few.

In each universe, players can utilise an arsenal of weapons to battle hordes of villains ranging from zombies to skeletons, as well as mythical monsters.

With every round, the game will issue one of 60 collectible cards from one of five categories: Melee, Range, Armor, Pet or Skin. Players can use these cards to customise their in-game character with weapons, pets and skins they like.

As for the visuals, they will appear in a 65” HD display with LED lightings. The high resolution imagery and state-of-the art technology will immerse all players heading into challenges within The Overworld.

Be warned—Minecraft Dungeons Arcade is going to be addictive.

More information available here.