Where to watch the Marina Bay New Year’s Eve fireworks for free

Welcoming New Year’s in Singapore involves seeing the spectacular fireworks display by Marina Bay Sands. But don’t worry about splurging on a hotel room or dinner at a restaurant with a view. This guide will show you some of the best spots to catch the show for free.

The Esplanade

Are you willing to wait a few hours while you hold your spot? If the answer is yes, head over to the Esplanade early for a panoramic view of the fireworks and the CBD. Make sure you get the best view by avoiding trees or lampposts. The Esplanade also allows visitors to go up to the rooftop terrace so you can opt for a higher vantage point.

Another option is to find a spot along the Esplanade Bridge or Jubilee Bridge. Be ready for the growing crowd as the countdown progresses, but you’ll certainly enjoy the close-up view of the fireworks.

Queen Elizabeth Walk

Most people will probably pack chairs or blankets to sit on as they wait for the explosive welcome of the New Year. But if you’re lucky—and come hours in advance—you can snag a seat on one of the benches at Queen Elizabeth Walk. The view is partially obstructed by Esplanade Bridge, but it’s low enough that it won’t really bother you that much.

Merlion Park

Popular among tourists and residents, Merlion Park offers a view of the fireworks along with Singapore’s iconic Merlion statue. Show up early and secure a spot especially if you’re thinking about taking pictures to commemorate the coming of the new year.

Helix Bridge & Sheares Bridge

Due to their proximity to Marina Bay Sands, these two bridges offer a great angle to view the fireworks. But like all other areas close to the hotel, anyone hoping to watch the fireworks display from here needs to grab a spot pretty early in the evening and has to wait for hours before the fun begins.

The Promontory @ Marina Bay

As you wait to usher in the New Year, enjoy a free concert at the Promontory @ Marina Bay. This open field often hosts a countdown event with local musicians to entertain people as they wait for the last few seconds of the year. If you’re able to reserve your place before the crowd grows, sit down on the grass and enjoy the music before the fireworks show lights up the sky.

Marina Bay Waterfront Promenade & ArtScience Museum

This is probably the closest you can possibly get to the show without paying for a room at the hotel itself. But expect the assembly here to be the most crowded since many will want to get as close to the brilliant display as possible. Before snagging your place out by the water, consider dropping by the ArtScience Museum to pass the time.

Marina Barrage

The Marina Barrage is a popular spot for locals to enjoy some time to relax away from city life. But come New Year’s Eve, this area still draws an impressive number of people hoping to watch the fireworks. Beat the crowd and find a patch of grass with a decent view of the bay. You can snap some really nice photos of the fireworks and Singapore’s business district in the background.

Gardens by the Bay East / Bay East Gardens

Though a little further away, the Gardens by the Bay East still have a breathtaking view for the New Year celebration. From this distance, you can watch the fireworks soar and burst over the bay and iconic landmarks like the Flower Domes and Singapore Flyer.

A version of this article first appeared on KKday.