Trust these guys to bring a whole new meaning of water fights

Pop culture fanatics often argue that the trilogy of adult dystopian film adaptations of The Hunger Games is highly derivative of the 2000 Japanese thriller Battle Royale. The premise of both stories is similar: a group of kids are forced to fight their friends to the death in a public arena where they can find supplies, ammo and weapons to use throughout. The reasons behind both plots are fairly different, but if you’ve always been intrigued by this genre of shows, you can now take part in Singapore’s very own Battle Royale-esque adventure—sans the actual death of course—on Jul 29.

Immersive games and experiences studio Void Deck Games is back with yet another real-world experience for the curious, imaginative and adventurous. These last two they organized was an immersive tabletop role-playing game set in 2071, where participants were required to colonize and take control of the a new government on Mars; and the other was a post-apocalyptic PvP-style zombie apocalypse survival game set in a secret warehouse in Singapore. 

For “Battle Royale SG”, the storyline draws inspiration from the Japanese film, with a quirky, tongue-in-cheek localized twist that harks back on the harrowing days of ‘O’ Levels. A total of 100 “students” from both neighborhood and “elite” schools will be taking part in an extreme streaming exercise by the Ministry of Enlightenment (MOE, har har har), where they’ll find themselves in a dangerous arena bigger than two football fields filled with over 1,000 water balloons, 100 blasters and bazookas to use in their fight for the single coveted spot in a local university. And just like the film, you can hide and ride it out, team up with other players or just go on an all-out hunting spree; as long as you stay dry (sounds a little like the online multiplayer battle royale game, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds too).

Oh, and it’s compulsory that you wear a school uniform to make the experience more authentic. 

Ticket sales and more info here.