Words become literal art at Kult’s latest exhibition

What does it mean to be a writer? (Trust us, we ask ourselves that everyday.) Truthfully we may never know, but indie art space Kult Gallery is taking it upon themselves to try and unpack the conundrum of the written word. From May 18-Jun 20, Kult’s newest exhibition Word will interpret written text in visual forms through artworks from more than 25 artists.

Keeping things contemporary, the art show will see words taken literally off the page, and translated from its 2D script form into graphic and even 3D experiences. Specifically, the artists were invited to interpret traditional scripts such as Arabic, Braille and Urdu—an intentionally stark contrast to today’s digital world. Cambodia-based French artist Chifumi, for example, will present a street art-inspired, acrylic-on-canvas interpretation of the Khmer script; while Singaporean artist Aleeloulalei’s piece sees a quirky interpretation of Braille on bubble wrap. Feeling handsy? You’ll get to try your own hand at writing art with Kult’s penmanship sheets—traceable pieces of writing courtesy of the contributing artists.

, Words become literal art at Kult’s latest exhibition
Work-in-progress from Aleeloulalei

, Words become literal art at Kult’s latest exhibition
Mr. T, Mister Edwards

, Words become literal art at Kult’s latest exhibition
Gen.111, YSK Chaos

Other works on display include animations and augmented reality works (local new media artist Haikel Yusuff will be working with AR to create a piece viewed exclusively through visitors’ phone screens). Come on opening night (May 18) and you can even catch a live Braille-Graffiti installation, where German artist Alexis Dworsky will translate Singapore graffiti writer Song’s writing into life-sized Braille.

Word runs from May 18-Jun 20 at Kult Gallery, 11 Upper Wilkie Road. Admission is free.