Time to live out your zombie apocalypse fantasies

Ever wondered what it’ll be like if the zombie apocalypse swept across Singapore? Wonder no more and experience it for yourself at this upcoming zombie survival game taking over the National Stadium grounds come Oct 26.

Unload your Nerf guns at zombies and other survivors at the inaugural Zedtown Asia: Battle of Singapore. It’s organised by Zedtown, the same people responsible for some of the largest real world zombie survival experiences globally. They’ve held plenty of such games before in Australia and the US since 2012, and the Singapore edition will be their first time in Asia.

At this upcoming event, get to be one of thousands of survivors battling the zombie menace (and each other) to be the last one standing. Each gameplay is three hours long and everyone starts as a survivor (unless you get the Alpha Zombie pass) battling it out among their factions. At some point, the zombies will be released and getting bitten (tagged) by one turns you into a zombie too. It’s then up to the players to battle it out and see who, or what, survives last.

It sounds simple, but there’ll be in-game currency at play, boss zombies and even specialist roles to take on too. While we don’t know the specifics yet (maybe it’ll be akin to 2017’s Pulau Zombie?), you only get to be a special class by getting the VIP ticket, netting you more ammo, special abilities and secret side missions to accomplish.

Those who turn into zombies even get makeup done for them (Alpha Zombies get more elaborate ones), that not only ups the realism, but also great for those heading to a Halloween party after. In fact, the first 100 ticket holders get to go to Zouk’s Halloween party for free, letting you put all that fake blood to good use.

Ready to grab your Nerf blaster and fight for your life? We know we are.

Zedtown Asia: Battle of Singapore takes place Oct 26 at the National Stadium. Day (1pm) and night (6.30pm) sessions are available, with tickets from $40-125.