Not one, not two, but three zombie apocalypses to contend with

You either love or hate Halloween. But whether you’re a thrill-seeker or horror-hater, Halloween is still a veritable excuse to round up your pals to get your fill of zombie-slaying goodness. This Halloween sees a horde of artfully created zombie-attack events all across Singapore—from Ochard to Sentosa—for you to live out your best post-apocalypse fantasies.


Halloween Horror Nights: Zombie Laser Tag (Sep 27-Oct 31)

Resorts World Sentosa Facebook

The only time Singaporeans will brave the immense heat and queues without complaint is the promise of great fun. As if the annual USS extravaganza with its elaborate haunted houses and scare zones aren't awesome enough, this year’s Zombie Tag event (part of Halloween Horror Nights) will be twice the size of last year’s, where you get to fend off and kill infested zombies with your laser guns. To make things more thrilling, these zombies don’t yield easily and will reanimate a few times after. Obviously, the more zombies you manage to kill, the more points you will rack up. Great if your gang of zombie slayers are a competitive bunch. $38 per participant


Zombie Attack (Oct 26- Nov 4)

Although some of us may disagree, Ochard Road is more than just upscale malls and boutiques. Proving it's true (at least for a time), a zombie attack pop-up event will swoop into the open-air Grange Road Car Park, smack beside 313@Somerset. In teams of four, the onus is on you to seek out an anti-toxin cure that will contain a virus outbreak borned from an experiment gone wrong. With a laser gun, slay your way through the undead that are clamouring to catch you in the escape room. $30 for a single play


VR Zombie Mania (Oct 27- 31)

Part of Clarke Quay's big Halloween revelry, plunge into a watery underworld at their VR Zombie Mania game, a zombie shoot-out challenge using immersive VR. You'll find yourself surrounded by underwater ghouls, vampire squids, spooky water spirits of dead pirates and mermaids, and it's down to you and your own dexterity to make it out alive. The last 10 standing will battle it out on the very last day of this event and stand to win prizes. If the underwater environment seems too alien, check out their Spooky Night VR game, a free, cutesy cartoon-style version where you can fight your way out of the cemetry filled with goblins and zombies. Redeem a single play with a minimum spending of $20 in a same-day receipt at participating Clarke Quay outlets