Interview: DJ duo and psytrance pioneers Infected Mushroom are ready for a spooktastic time at It’s The Ship

, Interview: DJ duo and psytrance pioneers Infected Mushroom are ready for a spooktastic time at It’s The Ship

Get ready to party at It’s The Ship, Asia’s largest music festival at sea as it returns from Nov 1 to 3, 2023 with an electrifying line-up. 

This exciting Halloween-themed charter on board the Genting Dream will be transformed into a haunted playground on the high seas. Expect eerie decorations, spooky surprises, and a chilling atmosphere that will leave you breathless. 

, Interview: DJ duo and psytrance pioneers Infected Mushroom are ready for a spooktastic time at It’s The Ship

Dance the night away with world-renowned DJs MaRLo, Knife Party, Flosstradamus, TNT, Infected Mushroom, Afro Bros and many more. Prepare for a whirlwind of themed parties such as Sleepless Society-Vampire Blood Rave, Communion Sunrise, Foam Party, Area 51: Space Invaders and Creatures of The Night.

, Interview: DJ duo and psytrance pioneers Infected Mushroom are ready for a spooktastic time at It’s The Ship

One of the most prominent names spinning will be Infected Mushroom, the groundbreaking duo that have been tearing up the dance floor for close to 27 years. They’ve been called the “godfathers of psytrance” but sonic innovations, hypnotic arrangements and genre-defying sound of Israeli producers Amit “Duvdev” Duvdevani and Erez Eise show no signs of slowing down. 

SG Magazine caught up with Infected Mushroom to find out about their most memorable achievements over the years, what partygoers can expect at their sets at It’s The Ship, and more. 


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Will this be your first time performing at a cruise festival? What are some differences you foresee playing on a cruise compared to a land festival?

We have played on a ship before many times. Das Boat has been one of our favorite parties, so we are super stoked for this experience in Singapore! Hmmm, the main differences? People have nowhere else they need to be, and we don’t have to travel to a hotel after we play! 


What are the differences between an Infected Mushroom live performance and the DJ set?

With the band we are able to jam, and the overall energy is a whole different vibe. People aren’t used to experiencing electronic music performed by a band, so it engages the audience in a different way. Also, we are able to play rock clubs and festivals that don’t typically book DJs, so it opens up more pathways to connect with our fan base and to reach a wider audience. That said, we love performing both set types. DJ sets are super fun for us – there is a time and place for everything. 


You’ve been called the godfathers of psytrance and pioneered the genre, how did it all start?

This is a humbling assessment, we love hearing from artists and fans about how we have impacted their life journeys. We were both classically trained, and were part of bands growing up, so music has always been a part of our lives. 

When we were coming up in the Israeli scene, psy (short for psychedelic trance) was the style that resonated with our scene. Perhaps it was because Israeli’s commonly visited Goa as a right of passage. The first few songs we made were as individual artists, “Duvdev & Shidapu”. It quickly became apparent that we both offered a perspective and skillset that created a unique sound, and this is when Infected Mushroom as you know it was born. 

We never set a goal of being pioneers, we just wanted people to dance. All the rest is a sweet cherry on top. 


Having explored different musical projects and avenues, at what point did you realise that Infected Mushroom was going to be your success story?

We did not realise it suddenly. We still are a bit in awe that people like the music and come to support us. We just created a bunch of tunes over time, and our success came gradually year by year. 


Over the years, you guys have collaborated with high-profile artists such as Lady Gaga, Steve Aoki, and more. Could you tell us more about this? What was the coolest music project, and what was it like working with them?

We are grateful for all our collaborations. In addition to the ones you mentioned, we loved remixing songs from The Doors’ catalogue, and creating music with artists such as Jonathan Davis from Korn along with Perry Farrell. All of these people have been inspirations.


Throughout your career, what are the ups and downs in this genre, and which album or single are you most proud about?

Time goes so fast! Yeah, psy used to be a niche electronic music genre that was often stigmatised, but musical vibes are cyclical, and we are really happy to see in 2023 that psy is enjoyed by partygoers more than ever. 

In places like America and Asia that didn’t really have a market for our version of trance now have a huge appreciation for the sound, so it is rewarding to see a whole new generation of fans. We pride ourselves in keeping a signature sound, yet continuing to evolve and experiment. Becoming Insane is probably the tune that most people recognise, but we love the downtempo and eclectic vibes of the Converting Vegetarians double-album. Unique and timeless music. 


I’m sure a Halloween-themed cruise is going to be memorable. Any surprises for the partygoers? 

We are always full of surprises, it just depends how many beers deep we are when we hit the decks! Stay tuned 🙂 


What would you like to see or do on the ship when you are not on the decks? 

The bar and the pool! 


What are other memorable places you’ve played at?

Coachella, Burning Man, Kazantip, the list goes on and on… 


Who do you consider your musical influences?

Depeche Mode, Metallica, Primus, but we are currently digging the vibes of Riot and KOAN Sound.


What can we expect from the Infected Mushroom next year?

A new album on Monstercat, working on a VR game, more software plugins, and of course heavy touring. Can’t wait to play for you soon! 

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