One ticket, 12 iconic acts

The people behind comedy icon Kumar’s 50th birthday bash are back with a new event—and this one’s all about bang for your buck. Come July, Dream Academy’s Happy Ever Laughter is pitting 12 of the island’s best comedians against each other, for a showdown that’s bound to leave you with your sides delightfully split.

Aptly called “The Battle”, the show will divide the comedians into two teams, to trade punchlines, shade, and witty responses to eventually emerge victorious. And the entire cast is brilliant—there’re stage icons like Selena Tan and Kumar, TV royalty Suhaimi Yusof, Irene Ang, and The Noose’s Alaric Tay and Judee Tan; even the up-and-coming Preetipls has a spot, proudly representing the next generation of comedy. The teams are split into Irene Ang, Koh Chieng Mun, Selena Tan, Sebastian Tan (or Broadway Beng), Suhaimi Yusof and Kumar—versus Alaric Tay, Judee Tan, Sharul Channa, Fakkah Fuzz, Preetipls and Rishi Budhrani.

The cast of Happy Ever Laughter: The Battle

For material, consider the Little Red Dot their oyster. Look forward to tongue-in-cheek gags on the quest for the new PM, MRT woes, increasing GST and more. But frankly, with all the embarrassing parliament squabbles local news circulating these last few weeks, coming up with good material shouldn’t be a problem.

Happy Ever Laughter: The Battle will run from Jul 11-29 at Capitol Theatre. Tickets start from $60 and are available here (Early Bird sales end Mar 20).