Going on a Ferrari ride isn't even on this list

  • By KKday
  • | Jul 15, 2019

You haven’t lived the high life until you’ve experienced Dubai’s greatest thrills. The glamorous city set in the Arabian desert’s splendor is a daredevil’s oasis teeming with high-octane action for anybody who wants to keep their adrenaline pumping. Here are six activities to try on your next visit to the Emirates’ most luxurious gem.

Enjoy a speedboat ride

Let’s start with something easy and breezy. Cruise through the deep blue waters of the Persian Gulf aboard a speedboat, and catch a glimpse of some of the city’s best sights and attractions. Then marvel at the impressive Dubai skyline, and speed past the Burj Al Arab, locally tagged as the only seven-star hotel in the world. And be sure to check out the beauty of The Palm, a man-made beach that sprawls on Dubai’s coast.

Hop on a camel

What’s a trip to Dubai without hopping on a camel for the ride of a lifetime? This is undoubtedly one of the most unique experiences you can take in the city, and you wouldn’t want to pass on this opportunity (no matter your aversions). Traverse through Dubai’s golden desert on a camel’s back and take in the stunning picturesque views.

Try dune bashing and sandboarding

Feel the thrill of drifting up and down the steep sand dunes of the Arabian desert on a 4×4. While you’re not allowed to take the wheel, professional drivers will ensure that your excitement won’t run thin. After dune bashing, ride a sandboard and bask in the sheer joy of sliding down the slopes of the desert.

Explore the desert on an ATV

If a camelback ride in the desert isn’t memorable enough, how about riding an ATV? Extreme sport fans will absolutely dig the rush of adrenaline as they drive through the desert, up and down steep sand dunes.

Go on an evening desert safari

If the desert looks all warm and brilliant during the day, it looks even more magical in the evening. Embark on a different kind of adventure when you join an evening desert safari. Try out various activities on the sand, and cap off your experience with a filling barbecue dinner, as you enjoy a cultural show featuring traditional tanoura and belly dance performances.

Get the ultimate high at the world’s tallest building

Gaze down upon the city of Dubai and witness a breathtaking sunset from the conservatory of the Burj Al Khalifa, the world’s tallest building. You may also tick some items off your souvenir shopping list at the gift shop or just take your time to relish in the beauty of the bustling metropolis below through a telescope.

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