For the adventurous: Siberian packages from Koryo Tours

Those masters of extreme holiday destinations, Koryo Tours, have come up with something that tops even their much-lauded trips to North Korea and Turkmenistan. In July of this year, they’ll be leading a group to explore Magadan in Siberia, one of Russia’s most isolated regions. A four-hour flight north of Vladivostok (seriously, does it get any more remote?), Magadan is best known as the site of one of the USSR’s most notorious gulags. The four-night tour (€1,640 / $2,875, departing from Vladivostok) includes visits to an indigenous Evenki village, the site of the prison camp itself and even a beach! As if that isn’t hardcore enough, you can also tack on a six day Abandoned Russia extension tour (€1,750 / $3,070), taking you deep into Magadan province and the deserted city of Kadykchan. Check out for more details.