History doesn’t come cheap

The ultra-luxury, chartered-jet adventures of Aman Resorts return with a trip spanning China, Bhutan, India and Sri Lanka.

If there’s a theme to this adventure, it’s old world Asia, each Aman Resort destination a superb study in historical restoration.

The trip begins in Shanghai on Oct 7 and finishes in Tangalle, Sri Lanka, on Oct 23. In between, expect to find yourself climbing the monasteries in cliffside Tiger's Nest, strolling the bustling streets of the pink city of Jaipur, cruising the Mansarovar Lake in Rajasthan, roaming the Portuguese-Dutch-British heritage port city of Galle before just beaching out in Tangalle.

History doesn’t come cheap at Aman’s prices, the per-person cost here approximately $95,000. 

Photo credit: www.aman.com