Go glamping under the Arabian night sky at Dubai’s new heritage village

An hour away from Dubai lies an urban escape you might not have heard of, the Hatta Heritage Village. If mention of travel to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) more likely conjures imagery of ultra luxurious hotel stays, Ferrari cars on the streets at every turn, and impeccably beautiful man-made islands, you’ll be glad to know that there’s so much more to the country than that.

Those looking for a cultural holiday should definitely put the Hatta Heritage Village on your to-go list. Hidden away by the scenic Hajar Mountains nearby, the village offers a peek into the ancient Bedouin way of life. Here, you get to stay in comfortable high-altitude mountain-lodges, or camp in airstream-like trailer hotels. Either way, million dollar views of the mountain range await. While there, check out the adventure centre and the tourist hub (opening end-2018) for tours and activities to keep you occupied, or go explore nearby historical sites once used as forts, huts and monuments by the locals.

If you’ve ever wondered what traditional Emirati cuisine is like, the village is also the place to find out and have a taste for yourself. Head into any of the town’s time-honored restaurants and order up both familiar and lesser-known dishes like lentil soup, balaleet, and baith al tamait. Those in search of headspace may find the UAE’s newest attraction a breath of fresh air.