Pierside | Review

This breezy seaside, sister restaurant of Marmalade Pantry has consistently delivered wonderful experiences in the decade it’s been around. Its front row Marina Bay seats offer the most tempting view, and we sat here to peruse Chef Robin Ho’s superbly scrumptious menu. Decisions made, but water and wine order forgotten by the staff, we decided […]

Other results from the sex survey

Where Singaporeans Really Have SexSingaporeans are not particularly adventurous when it comes to finding the best places to get laid. Most surveyed concede the bedroom as the best place to do it, while others indicate that their parents’ or siblings’ rooms are good, too, if they’re feeling a little “naughty” (yikes).“In general, I think Singaporeans […]

Singapore Swing?

Singaporeans can’t quite make up their minds when it comes to their sex lives, it seems, judging from the mixed results we got from Singapore respondents in our online Sex Survey. Some of the most contradictory results we found include 79% who indicated that they prefer a more experienced partner, but 71% also mentioned that […]

It’s Whom You Know

Doing away with the overly anonymous nature of chat rooms, social networking sites have garnered members by the millions over the last couple of years. Suddenly, online matchmaking is a little less dodgy.

More Than Words

With Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) now becoming the norm, the range of choices for communicating via the Web has expanded considerably. Here are some of the services available that help you get your message across… whatever type of message that may be.

DJ Sasha

Superstar DJ Sasha has always been known as an extraordinary mixer and producer, but behind all the glory and media hype, he is just a polite laidback guy who thinks of himself as an entertainer. He recently talked to I-S.

Meishan Krishnan on synchronized swimming

Talented Meishan Krishnan, 18, is studying to be a financial wizard, but still finds time for her hobby, synchronized swimming. Working her way gracefully yet forcefully through the pool, this self-confessed water baby is up for anything you splash her way.