Meishan Krishnan on synchronized swimming

How did you come across synchronized swimming, given that it is quite off the beaten track?
I had been doing competitive swimming and ballet for a long time. My mum told me how I could combine the two and do synchronized swimming.
What is it about standing upside down in water and waving your legs in the air that attracts you?
There is no limit in this sport and it is always very interesting.
Tell us the serious side of this sport. What about training, teamwork and the synchronizing aspect of it?
Training takes up a lot of my time, we practice six hours a day, almost everyday. One needs to build up muscle strength, flexibility, lung capacity and, of course, work on coordination.
Since team coordination is so important, what happens when one of you has a tiff with a team member? Does that affect your coordination?
Yes! Let me just say this: If someone’s in a bad mood on the day of a performance, it totally sends the coordination haywire.
Ever had a major goof up?
At a competition in Melbourne, I was supposed to be boosted up in the air. But before that, my legs were showing over the water, which they aren’t supposed to. We lost a lot of points for that.
How dangerous is the sport, considering all you’ll ever fall into is water? Or is there any serious consequence to that too?
Well, you can get kicked by a team member, sometimes quite badly in your face. The nose clip can come off. If that happens, then it’s difficult to stay underwater and do the routine.
We’ve seen on television sometimes how synchronized swimmers wear elaborate costumes (sequined and glittery) and makeup. Have you ever had to get all dolled up for a dip?
Yes, of course. It feels a bit weird in the beginning when we have to bun our hair, wear makeup and these beautiful costumes, and jump into the water. But you get used to it.
What is the one thing that differentiates synchronized swimming from other sports?
You’re listening to music and dancing while you swim. It’s great.
Would you say it is a taxing hobby or a relaxing one?
I have a passion for swimming. But when it’s competition time, it’s not relaxing.