Singapore Swing?

Singaporeans can’t quite make up their minds when it comes to their sex lives, it seems, judging from the mixed results we got from Singapore respondents in our online Sex Survey. Some of the most contradictory results we found include 79% who indicated that they prefer a more experienced partner, but 71% also mentioned that virgins are a blessing. 48% also admitted that they have cheated on their partners, but only 33% will stay in a relationship knowing that they have been cheated on.
Professional sex therapist Dr. Wei Siang Yu, a.k.a. Dr. Love, who hosts the Mandarin sex education program Loveairwaves on Channel U, says that “Singaporeans can tell you about their weirdest sexual fantasies and ideals, and yet when you really talk to and get to know them, there’s a huge discrepancy between what they say and how they behave. They can be quite confused.”
The good doctor blames Singapore’s fast-paced living and concern for material wealth as a damper to the city’s sexual energy. “Singaporeans are living in such a way where they spend more time displaying their wealth and career achievements, and externalize them, rather than focusing on their sexual needs. ‘Sex’ is a dirty word to most of them.”
More consistent, according to Dr. Wei, are the results pertaining to the fact that 58% believe in love at first sight, and that 30.4% have had sex with one to five people, followed by 28.8% who have had sex with between 11 to 50 people. Only 4.8% said that they have had sex with between 51 to 100 people, while 20% have “lost count”. But these numbers might change in the near future, says Dr. Wei, “As more and more people are willing to explore their sexual desires, and will get more sexually empowered in time to come.”