Speaker’s Corner

Immediately after a survey discovers that 88.7% of Singaporeans do not know what it’s like to sign a petition, someone decides to start one—online.A Malaysian engineering scholar at Nanyang Technological University decided that he’d had quite enough of the heavily accented English used by some of his lecturers and tutors. So he launched an online […]

Geek Attack!

Think you know geeks? Think again. We look at Singapore’s supposed social misfits and discover that the stereotypes surrounding this strange breed are (mostly) exaggerated. Text and photographs by Wayne Ree

New Kids On The Blog

So, you’ve finally decided to give in to the hype and create your very own online journal—but you have absolutely no idea where to start. Don’t worry…we’re here to help. Illustration by Jonathan Ng.

Love Bug

Fancy stretch limos aren’t the kind of wedding cars you’d expect to find Ken Teo dealing with. Instead, the founder of Ken’s Vintage Wedding Rentals will get you to the chapel on time—but in a more compact fashion. I-S met up with him to talk about why size doesn’t matter.