Love Bug

Why did you decide to use vintage Volkswagens for wedding cars?
I love these cars, and I want to give others a chance to experience and enjoy them, especially on their special day. I really want to offer something different from the usual and boring Mercs, Jags, Beemers, MPVs and SUVs that so many are inclined to use due to lack of creativity, or fear of being different.
How long have you been running this business?
My first rental was in 1999. It was Awesome Blossom (a Light Grey 1967 Beetle), at a friend’s request. The wedding guests seemed to love the idea, and since then business has been growing by word of mouth, and the idea has taken on a life of its own.
How many Volkswagens do you have?
In 2002, I added a second VW, named Rollin’ Raggae (an Aqua Blue 1966 Beetle) to my collection and a Black 1971 Morris Minor called Slow Moe in 2004. Go to for pictures!
And they are all vintage Volkswagens?
Currently, I have two vintage VWs and a Morris Minor available for rent, and plan to expand my fleet to five or more within the next three years.
Which is your favorite model?
Slow Moe. He’s just black and classy, while Blossom and Raggae are more fun and retro.
How much did it cost you to amass them? 
Not too much, but a lot of time is taken to keep them in good running order and looking presentable. It’s a labor of love.
Have you ever had problems fitting the bride and her father into the car?  
Getting in is usually not the problem, but getting out and trying to look glamorous at the same time takes a bit of innovation. I usually have the front passenger seat removed on the two-door Beetles for easier access.
Do you just drive the cars or is any other service provided?
The cars may be rented self-drive, or for photo shoots and film.
How do the guests at the wedding normally react to the cars?
“Wah! What’s the car plate number, hor? Tonight can strike 4-D!” But seriously, the older folks get a real kick out of the nostalgia, while the younger generation is simply surprised that the cars actually move.
Any bridesmaids hit on you because of the cars? 
No, but I’ve encountered a bride’s mother who seemed interested in more than just my car. Yuck.
Have there ever been any “unscheduled activities” on the back seats of your cars?
I try to keep my eyes on the road when I’m driving. But as long as they don’t stain the seats…