60 Seconds with DJ Yousef

Yousef whips up housey techno so infectious that it’s no wonder he has caught the attention of many tacts like Fatboy Slim, Jamiroquai and Moloko. We grab the man for a quick banter.
What makes you smile?
My girlfriend Naomi.
What bores you?
Negative people with no vision about life.
The worst sound you’ve heard?
The noise inside a car before it crashes.
What are you listening to currently?
I’m working on a remix for Billie Ray Martin so I’ve got that on, and the sound of the Pacific Ocean.
A memorable pickup line?
“We’ve met before and we’ve been to dinner.”
What blows your mind?
Traveling the world to earn a living!
Your worst nightmare?
Going to prison.
If you can change the world, what would you do?
I’ll liquidize George Bush and his whole cabinet!
Complete the sentence. “If I’m not a DJ or a producer, I would…”
Not be doing this interview.