DJ Alex Gimeno aka Ursula 1000

New York based DJ Alex Gimeno, aka Ursula 1000, has defined his sound with kitschy, loungey breaks that stitch together a network of references loosely based in ’60s cool that bring to mind the groovy days of swing. A peek into his record bag reveals a pastiche of New Orleans funk, metropolitan samba, percolating samba and the occasional big beat break. He will be bringing every pair of shoes he owns to the much anticipated Good Vibrations Festival on Feb 19.
Do you do many music festivals?
Not really. I’ve done Glastonbury, and something called Meltdown in Washington State, but generally it’s solo tours in clubs more than festivals.
When you do a live set, what’s the set up?
I’m mainly playing vinyls. I do bring a pinch of CDs as a lot of my set is weird bootlegs and mashups, but it’s 90 percent vinyl.
What kind of music do you find works best for the festival crowd?
I find a really fulfilled set is one where I can get everything in there—just mash in as many genres as I can. Make it fluid and make it work in my own style.
Your current album is Here Comes Tommorrow—how has your sound changed from your previous efforts?
This time around it’s less ’50s and ’60s intensive in terms of retro lounge elements, and has more of a ’70s and ’80s feel with an rock element and a punky electro element. These are new areas I wanted to explore.
Listening to your music, I’m curious to hear what films have been influential to you.
Mid to late ’60s spy movies like James Bond were big influences. Definitely sci-fi, Woody Allen and Peter Sellers, too.
We think “Russ Myers” when we hear your music.
Yeah, that too. Beyond the Valley of the Dolls is easily in my top 10.
Favorite crowd?
A silly, open minded crowd with a sense of humor.
Fail-safe crowd pleaser?
I have this Sugar Hill Gang vs. Pepe Deluxe track that has been in my box for ages. Who doesn’t like Sugar Hill when you hear them?
Day job?
I’m just doing music full time now. I have a studio at home.
What are you working on now?
I’m wrapping up some remixes right now and working on a new single called “Electric Boogie.” It’s on the Good Vibrations website.
Any advice for 2007?
As an American, I have to say “please don’t judge us by our leader in office.”