Budget Constraint

The results of the Budget 2007 have been met with mixed reactions from many Singaporeans. Some are glad (the elderly and the lower income), some are lukewarm (the middle income) and some are just downright unhappy (whiners with nothing else better to bitch about).Now, we’re not suggesting that the government try the impossible and please everyone all the time–because if there’s one group of people that’s hard to please, it’s definitely Singaporeans. But might we suggest that, when next year’s budget comes around, the government should come up with cooler suggestions that’ll please us and the people we like, at least.Here’re a couple of suggestions we think they could bank on:• Forget road tax. If the government can afford to pay taxi drivers to work specifically at peak hours when we really need them, we’d be happy.• Set aside more funds for the Singapore International Film Festival, so that we can get cooler and more expensive films, rather than dirt cheap obscure ones.• Set aside sufficient funds to do up Geylang. Small boutique hotels, chinois-inspired restaurants and upgraded durian huts will be de riguer there.• Set up a new TV station that plays only the good stuff, and not more unoriginal reality TV programs that make us wanna tear our hair out.• Invest in a little bit more yellow paint, so that smoking areas can be extended a wee bit more.• Build more outdoor concert venues. If we ruin one more pair of shoes at muddy festival-type venues like Fort Canning Park, we’re going to flip.• Turn Orchard Towers into Studio 54, where partygoers can really let their hair down.• Invest in more massage parlors where Singaporeans can get some stress relief. Yes, we mean actual massages and not those “special” types of parlors.• Sponsor more Ramly Burger stands. Hey, if everyone gets to eat one of those bad boys every day, we can assure that we’d be one happy populace. We might need to invest a bit more cash into healthcare too, though.